Friday, 9 June 2017

Is Baily Cargill best to join a Championship team on loan?

There was no one more pleased than me to see Baily Cargill make his Premier League debut last season. He has been an academy diamond that has done it all at AFCB and has flourished whenever he was given an opportunity and more responsibility, but with Tyrone Mings vying for a space in the team and John Terry on the verge of signing for AFCB, having only made one appearance at Man Utd last season, would it be better for Baily to now get some games in at the Championship level?
Is Baily essential for AFCB's Premier League campaign
now that John Terry seems likely to join the club?
I guess it is very much up to the player and where AFCB see his development. To play at Old Trafford was quite a stage for Baily, but he is going to want to play games now and I'm not sure he will find it easy to get past the regular starters at the back at Dean Court. It is a problem for all players of his tender years and the Championship is surely the level that he would do very well at and would earn some miles on his clock against very decent opposition. 

There are teams that also play from the back like Derby County and Norwich in that division that could probably take his game on, but he could do worse that look at a team like Aston Villa where Tommy Elphick is or Birmingham City who are now managed by Harry Redknapp and coached by Paul Groves, where Rhoys Wiggins went out on loan.

Baily has done the lower leagues and really needs games in a team where he is going to find it difficult at times. It must be hard for Baily wondering what is best for his career, yet playing games should be a priority as you learn much more quickly on the pitch on match day than at any other time. Games have to count for something to get the best out of players and while Baily has lots of time, he is one who you'd sense is fully capable of playing lots of games and he's just not going to find that opportunity yet at AFCB.

In other news, Lewis Cook helped England comeback against Italy to win 3-1 in the U20's World Cup Semi Final in South Korea. England will play Venezuela in the final on Sunday at 11am on British Eurosport 2.

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