Saturday, 10 June 2017

Fraser could be a real weapon against England at Hampden

England play Scotland today and there will be an AFCB player who will be hoping to make the starting line up for the Scots - Ryan Fraser. We may also see former AFCB start Matt Ritchie in the same team to take on the English in this World Cup qualifier, and that I believe would be the first time that the two men would have played in the same team since Ritchie's Bournemouth days.
England are likely to be on the receiving end of
some energetic wing play from the tartan flying Fraser.
The pace at which Ryan Fraser has risen through the ranks is quite astonishing. Matt Ritchie was seen as being well ahead of him in the pecking order for international recognition, but today there is very little to choose between the two players at least in terms of their Premier League records. Matt has played 38 games, all for AFCB in the top tier, while Ryan is now on 28 appearances. Ryan also has three goals and Ritchie 4 from those games which gives Ryan a slightly higher scoring rate.

It would be exciting to see the two of them play in the same team again, but I get the impression that it is Ryan Fraser that would cause the most problems to the three lions these days. Ryan has not yet made his full Scottish debut, so if he gets it against England it will be quite a special day for him. At AFCB we know how good Ryan is as well. He not only scores goals he makes them too. I wonder if we really recognise quite how special he is - it may start to really hit home if he starts running at England's full backs and giving then a torrid time at Hampden Park.

There hasn't been anything to hold back Ryan in his career so far and I see this as just another hurdle that he is likely to take in his stride. That could be really bad news for Gareth Southgate who will be aiming to come away with something from the game. England have had it all their own way in qualifying so far, but I am not sure how I would feel about AFCB's Ryan Fraser winning the match on his debut - I'd probably be ecstatic for him! But where does that leave my allegiance on the international stage?

Well, sometimes you just have to applaud players that have improved and can make their mark on games of high quality. If they are Bournemouth players, I don't really mind who they are playing fro internationally, I just want the Cherries' players to do well.

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