Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Chelsea - please let Villa have Terry

I have my doubts over whether John Terry is really a player that AFCB need for next season. He is winding down his professional career and while he has a truck load of experience behind him, he is the kind of character who will cause some of AFCB's players to be a little on their guard I would feel, knowing that he will be a high earner and yet may not play that many games. If John Terry really has been wooed after playing golf with Steve Bruce's golf in the Algarve, as reported by SkySport, AFCB might be better off out of it and could tee up another target.
If Chelsea don't want Terry, let him go to Villa.
It really depends what John Terry turns up next season. Is he going to be a player who wants to give his all for the next season and to show that he is not yet finished or is he just happy to take a place in the background and keep himself distant from the core of the team when it comes to socialising, and mucking in with the duties that players do for the club outside what they give on the pitch? I don't doubt that John Terry is a hard working professional that has the respect of most of the Chelsea fans, but coming to Bournemouth is not going to be a holiday for him, and the Cherries want a player that can improve them, rather than just be a voice on the training pitch.

I have mixed feelings about the potential JT signing, as AFCB could be looking for younger players with ambition to make it in the Premier League. Nathan Aké is a player with far more potential than John Terry now, and it almost feels that Chelsea have off loaded a player who is no longer able to play to their level. It's not the opinion of Ray Parlour who thinks it's a good move for Bournemouth and for John Terry, but I don't put the 36-year-old John Terry in the same bracket as Jack Wilshere.

Of course, John Terry is a former England captain and is a leader who will organise a defence and will take control of situations when a side are in need of a last ditch tackle or a match saving header. He also scores the odd goal or two and he will have to play very much with his head if he has become a little slower around the pitch. It's this last factor and the lack of pace that worries me most. He may feel he can still get to balls first only to find that he hasn't got the legs anymore.

In all, I see it as a risk for AFCB to take John Terry, and perhaps the rough an tough, battling nature of the Championship is a better home for him now. 
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  1. Experience of John Terry is exactly what AFCB need to take them to the next level. Very few players can bring this level of modern premier league knowledge to a club.
    He has won everything. More than welcome imo.

  2. A certain Mr Wilshere had PL experience, so does a goalscorer we seem to have acquired. I defer to Eddie in all footballing matters but consider JT to be too slow and too divisive, even though only Watford, Sunderland, Swansea and Hull conceded more goals than we did.

  3. Clearly, Bournemouth first and foremost want Ake - who would also be more versatile.