Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Stanislas arrives right on time

You have to admire the impeccable timing of Junior Stanislas' runs. He has been out of the team for a fair while, but when he comes back he always makes an impact and against Stoke City I thought he again demonstrated his skill at arriving in the box at just the right time to pick up his fifth goal of the season.
Junior has been unfortunate not to get more games this season.
Junior has had a mixed season really and yet his quality is to hit the target and take difficult finishes calmly in his stride. I'm not always sure that he has felt comfortable in the side mainly as he has been in and out too frequently. In effect he has been a player that Eddie Howe has slotted in when AFCB have been short of a player in an attacking sense, and yet if Junior could improve his availability, I believe he would become a regular starter.


Junior says that his substitution in the Stoke City game happened as he had some cramp. Basically he had run himself to the limit for the team and had nothing more to give. We were all sat wondering why he was walking off in such a strange manner, but fatigue had really got to him and it perhaps recovery is quicker if he managed to move himself off the pitch rather than take the stretcher that no player likes to get on.

He'll need to play well in training this week to hold on to his place ace Jordan Ibe is also now back in the manager's thoughts, while Ryan Fraser will also not be content with staying on the bench. Some of the Cherries best play involved Junior with his quick passing though, and while he needs to be managed carefully I'm hopeful that Junior can do just as well against Burnley in the next game.

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