Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Lys Mousset will move on from his own goal

I had a kind of feeling that Lys Mousset would score on his first Premier League start, but I hadn't expected to be at the wrong end of the pitch. It was the kind of luck that no player needs in such an important personal game, but Lys will bounce back from the disappointment.

Lys Mousset will want to put his Premier League first start behind him.
It has been a long wait for Lys Mousset to start a game. I don't expect he was that nervous though, as he has made 12 appearances now and he works with the squad all the time. Still, this match against Stoke was his big chance and he will not have been that happy about how it went. He did do his best to get involved in build ups, but was guilty of giving the ball away a few times. His defining moment could have been when Adam Smith smashed his shot against the post and the ball came back to Lys around the penalty spot, but his natural instinct is to hit his shots hard, and I wonder if we might have seen a different end result if he had just tried to direct the ball back towards goal. It happened very quickly though and Lys would not have been expecting the ball to come to him as it did.

Playing next to Josh King did not seem to generate that many chances for the Cherries in the first half and it is no doubt why Lys was subbed early on in the second. I have no doubt that Lys can make things happen, but he was finding it hard to get into the game, and the own goal kind of gave him an unwanted negative that he had to carry from that point on.

Lys Mousset will play better and will have bigger games to come and while Stoke City was quite a difficult team for him to play, Eddie may hold him back for an impact sub in the next match just to keep him concentrating on what we want to see him doing the most in games - getting forward and having some strikes.

In other news, AFCB's U18s win the EFL Youth Alliance Cup beating Wigan 4-2 in the final

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