Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Is Max Gradel still in Eddie Howe's long term plan?

Max Gradel is not slow in coming out and explaining how he feels when he gets the opportunity to talk to the French press and British sites are picking up on it too. But I kind of get where he comes from in his need to express himself if he is unable to do it on the pitch frequently. He has had a tough ride at the Cherries and it's not been his choice to have injuries and then have to fight to try and get back into a team that has improved season on season. But has Max's chance gone

Max is said to want away but might he change his mind?
I think it depends really on Max and what he wants. Sure he wants to play more but the opportunity to do that with a Premier League side still exists here at AFCB. At any team in this league there is competition for starting places, and so far I see why Eddie Howe has not been able to give Max more game time when others are consistently coming up with the goods. 

From Max's side I can also see how he might feel that Howe has his favourites and that he is up against longer friendships with players, such as Pugh and Stanislas, but Max has to let his ability do the talking rather than worrying too much what the other players looking for that place in the team are doing. Max can still make a place his own, if he wants it as he has more ability than most in the squad, he just hasn't had a good run in the team. Some of that is down to bad luck and some of it is perhaps seeing others seizing their chance.


The question is does Max want to be a part of AFCB going forward or not? He should be the player that all the other wingers look up to and have to try and catch as he has the experience, but he has to win that respect every day whether in training or on match day. A fresh start may of course be the best option for Max, but I don't think the fans have ever not wanted him to succeed at AFCB, and if he asks himself if he really has been treated fairly at Bournemouth he will come to the right decision, which is best for him. I really don't know though if he will want to give it one more try or apply his talent at a new club.

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