Saturday, 4 July 2015

AFCB's biggest signing spree since Groves era to continue

It was with a note of excitement and perhaps anticipation that I heard that Sky Sports were touting that AC Bournemouth had not finished their spending spree yet, on 2 July. How many players Eddie Howe wants to bring in and how many owner Maxim Demin will allow him to have along with other board members is no doubt a close kept secret, but AFCB are turning heads in the Premier League already with the number of players that have been turning up at Dean Court this summer.

I think it is good that AFCB are challenging the mindset of other clubs in the Premier League by doing their business early and doing their best to keep information quiet. It has certainly been harder for them to do this summer as news has broken out pretty quickly whenever a bid for a player has been seen. Eddie Howe doesn't seem to mind that other clubs are finding it hard to keep pace with the whirlwind signings of AFCB.
Eddie is keen to sign one or more players if he can.
The question is how much of a gamble is it to upgrade such a large part of your squad? When Paul Groves and Shaun Brooks had a batch of new players to integrate at AFCB it didn't happen for them. Yet, how did Eddie and Jason manage to make it work with the same players? I'd argue that the players wanted to play for their new manager and found his methods and skills something they could adapt to quickly - something clicked if you like. Will it click with the latest intakes?

Well, this is what marks the good managers out from those that see their ideas go up in smoke. If you can be trusted with a big transfer budget you'll soon be a big name in the game. Eddie has brought players in during previous seasons a few at a time. This is his chance to really pick players though who he desperately wants and has the funds to go out and get. I'd say that the experience he and Jason had at the bottom of League Two with no transfers allowed have taught him to get the most out of everything, and now that there is money he is being more careful than ever in how it is spent.

Artur Boruc, Adam Federici, Christian Atsu, Josh King, Tyrone Mings and Sylvain Distin - feel welcome at AFCB. We'll all be shouting for you to do exceptionally well when you get your chance to wear red and black!

Friday, 3 July 2015

Monday night viewing for Liverpool v AFCB

I was braced to see a few unwanted fixture movements as soon as Sky and BT Sports were going to release their first Premier League games. The matches moved for TV in August and September have now been listed and three weeks earlier than last season - so perhaps the TV companies are starting to listen to fans' complaints and travel headaches?

Four our beloved Cherries a trip to Anfield will now be on Monday 17 August which probably means needing the day off work for most of us if we want to travel up to Anfield. While the younger fans may find they have to miss out on some games like this when they have school weeks (perhaps they can stay up and watch it at home dad?), it can't be denied that the Live TV games also make the Premier League thrilling to be involved in and the match against Liverpool should be a humdinger!

The atmosphere at Anfield is always special and with an 8pm kick off there will be a lot of excitement for this game, which is Liverpool's first home match of the new season.

AFCB have managed to avoid the Friday night fixture appointments so far, but will probably get caught at some stage during the season. I think Bournemouth fans will simply get used to seeing their team play on different days of the week and so far there is probably less disruption than last season with so many mid-week games. We now await the end of July when further movements of matches in October and November are announced.

Are you pleased witha Monday night game under the floodlights at Anfield?

Meanwhile,  Leicester City have had a £12 million bid for possible AFCB target Charlie Austin rejected by QPR.

Chimes' first summer signing - Broomhill Garden Buildings

Sponsored Article

It is not everyday that Cherry Chimes makes a signing but if you have been watching the blog carefully I am hoping that you have seen a couple of new adverts on the site. The local Broomhill Garden Buildings who are also sponsors of AFC Bournemouth's Family Stand have signed up to feature their sheds, summerhouses, conservatories, doors and windows on Cherry Chimes. Their double adverts will continually stream on the site and if you click on them they will take you through to the featured websites of the company where you can order goods from them.

Martin looks on at the last game of last season at The Valley.
Now many of you might not know much about Broomhill Garden Buildings or Martin Penny who is the owner and an avid AFC Bournemouth fan. In order for you to get to know a little more about him and what you might be able to see if you visit his showroom, I asked Martin a few questions about his two favourite subjects - AFC Bournemouth and garden buildings!

CC: How many of the staff at Broomhill Garden Buildings are AFC Bournemouth fans and do any of them support other football clubs?

BHG: Strangely enough there aren't too many football fans working for me at Broomhill. One of my sales staff is a life-long Charlton fan so I have been enjoying the best of the banter recently!! My father-in-law works for me and he was once a die hard Cherries supporter back in the John Bond era, but nowadays he goes through the agony and ecstasy of listening to them play on the radio.

CC: Have you supported the club for long and have you a favourite player from past years?
BHG: My Father took me to my first Cherries game on 25th November 1978, a first round FA Cup tie with Hitchin Town resulting in a 2-1 win. I have been hooked ever since and have witnessed every season from that day. My father still attends with me along now with my 17-year-old daughter who has been watching the Cherries since 2008.

Up until now, Ian Bishop was my all time favourite cherry but after last season there are several players close to making me change my mind and I am sure next season will produce a player worthy of bettering Ian Bishop in my opinion.

CC: In what month last season did you feel that it could be a promotion season for the Cherries and was there a game for you that really made you confident that they could do it?

BHG: We started the season very well and played some great football so I was quietly confident we could do well, but the result away to Birmingham made me think we were maybe witnessing something special. I was right!!
Martin With Rob Mitchell in front of the Family stand at Dean Court
which Broomhill Garden Buildings sponsors. 
CC: Is a Premier League season likely to be much better than the Championship for your business or is it hard to estimate?

BHG: That's very hard to evaluate but one thing is for sure - The Cherries are going to get the most exposure they have ever had worldwide! Everybody seems to be talking about the Cherries at the moment and I am so pleased to be the official sponsor of The Family Stand and being associated with the club at this very exciting time.

CC: Have any of the AFC Bournemouth players made a trip to your showroom yet and if fans also come to the store what can they expect to see - is there good reason to come down this summer?

BHG: I have personally not seen any current Cherries players in our showroom but if they do come and see for themselves our wide range of garden buildings, they and all Cherries supporters will realise we are Premier League!

CC: What fixture of next season is Broomhill Garden Building looking forward to most?

BHG: Personally for the past 37 years I always wanted to watch The Cherries play at Anfield so that's one game I can't wait for. A visit to The Emirates is also eagerly anticipated along with the short trip to St Mary's.

CC: And what we really want to know - have you got the perfect AFC Bournemouth football supporters' shed yet and when can we order one?

BHG: I am not sure what the perfect garden building would be for Cherries' supporters but we can make buildings to order, so if any of your followers want a red and black striped shed then give me a call !!

You can visit Broomhill Gardens showroom at the following address - put it in your Sat Nav. Please also make sure you tell Martin that you regularly read Cherry Chimes when you pop in to order that striped red and black garden shed.

Stewarts Garden Lands
Lyndhurst Road
BH23 4SA
Tel: 0425 274000

Hopefully, we will catch up with Martin again during the new season.

If your company is also local in the Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole and New Forest area why not consider maximising your online marketing potential by sponsoring Cherry Chimes?

The Premier League will bring plenty of interest to the town and Cherry Chimes is already seeing a big jump in readership. To get your business seen contact - Peter Bell -

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Is Lee Camp next to exit the Cherries?

While AFCB have enjoyed unbelievable success in the last nine months there has been one player who I feel has been a bit of a casualty of the teams upward momentum. When the Cherries were promoted to the Championship they needed an experienced keeper and Lee Camp was the perfect fit. He never let the team down and pulled off some tremendous saves as the Cherries finished in a creditable 10th place. However, the signing of Artur Boruc first on loan and then on a season loan move before signing permanently this summer has left Lee Camp rather a drift.

We have not heard from Lee for a while and he
will have some hard decisions to make this summer.
There was talk about a month ago that Bristol City could well be looking to entice the former Forest and Derby keeper to their side as they look to establish themselves in the Championship, but they have also been looking at Southend's young  - Daniel Bentley. Surely, Lee would be a great keeper for a club in the Championship, but you wonder if not Bristol City or another team is he still wise to try and get back into the side at AFCB when Adam Federici has also joined the line of keepers vying for the shirt if Artur Boruc is injured.

With Brett Pitman deciding to ensure he gets game time by moving clubs, I expect Lee will similarly be considering his position having had a season where he saw little action on the south coast. As a shot stopper he is still a great asset to any team and Lee really deserves to be playing games.

The club also announced yesterday that keeper Ryan Allsop had signed a new one year contract at Dean Court. I suspect that Ryan could find himself on loan for part of the season again even if he has stated his intention for battle for the first team shirt.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Can a high scoring Championship side do well in the Premier League?

This is perhaps the question that has dominated some of Eddie Howe's thoughts over the summer. While 98 goals in the Championship was fantastic, it is much more difficult to score against better defences in the Premier League and AFCB's summer recruitment seems to have been directed mainly towards ensuring that the team has the strength on the wings to take games to opponents in this toughest of leagues.

While Christian Atsu and Joshua King will be vying for starting positions they will have to be on the top of their games to shift Marc Pugh and Matt Ritchie, while Max Gradel is also being lined up as a potential signing and another wide player. Variety in how the Cherries' attack is I believe what Eddie Howe is looking for. While the trickery of Marc Pugh and the timing of Matt Ritchie's runs into the box worked extremely well in the Championship it may be that he feels more power is required to go at defences at times in the Premier League. We have seen that King, who can also play as an out and out striker, has pace to burn and can go very direct in his play and Atsu and Gradel are also players that can take on players with their individual skill.
Callum Wilson will be ready to spearhead the attack for AFCB.
Mixed with the attacking players that AFCB already have in Wilson, Kermorgant, Stanislas and Rantie, there is a richness of goals about the team one would hope. But AFCB will have to defend better than they have done before as well. But it's goals in the for column that are particularly essential. If the strikers struggle to penetrate Premier League defences then there would be little hope in staying up.

Looking at the teams that struggled last season, Burnley and Hull City simply did not have enough fire power and not even Charlie Austin's goals were enough for QPR. Even Aston Villa, Newcastle Utd and Sunderland were among the goal shy teams of the division and that was probably a major part of why they were down in the bottom third of the table.

With so many attacking players brought in to AFCB though it may mean less room in the squad for so many central midfield players or strikers, and we may see some of those who were in and out of the team last year just miss out on a place in the 25, but that probably depends on any further signings. I suspect that there is room for six or seven signings this summer. With the goalkeeper position already strengthened and three outfield players signed (Sylvain Distin is expected to complete his transfer today) it would not leave much more room for signings, unless we start seeing some more outgoing transfers. 

PremierTalk has a new article that points to the news that Liverpool will have a bit of Bournemouth in their ranks
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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Is too much change bad news for Premier League clubs?

AFCB have already brought in several new players for next season. Bringing in someone new is always viewed as a positive, something to reinvigorate the side and get everyone playing for their shirt again at the top of their abilities. But have you ever wondered whether the real strength of a team can be in keeping to a similar pattern with only slight modifications in personnel and staff?
AFCB don't need to change too much, just for the sake of it.
Chairman in the Premier League have already shifted their feet in ousting managers before the next campaign and we have lost Slavisa Jokanovic, John Carver and Sam Allardyce in the last few weeks. You probably have to go as high up the league until you get to Stoke City who finished ninth last season before finding a manager that did not either lose his job at a club or come under severe pressure from the media, questioning if it was time for a change - we'll make Sean Dyche the exception. The new managers will come in with their own ideas and their opinions of the players at their respected clubs, but do they really have a better chance of success than a settled team with a manager that has been at a club for more than a year or two?

Well, I don't want too much to change at Dean Court. Eddie Howe has to be the best option for the Cherries to stay up. The existing players at the club will keep the need for improvement going as well. While some signings are very welcome, I have become used to seeing those familiar faces take to the field and I want to look forward to those players experience the Premier League having fought their way up (Brett Pitman comes to mind). To have that taken away from any of them now is hard, but I also take on board the view that the team has to adapt a little for the best chance of progressing.

The top clubs have just started to really flex their bank accounts and I expect the ripples to go right through the league. Most of the clubs look like staying with the current crop of managers they have in place now and transfer business is hotting up. You can only have 25 players in your registered squad though and I almost feel that clubs should be restricted to develop more of their players than buying in all the time. But be honest which clubs have a production line of young talent? Not enough of them in my book! 

Some of this is to do with the loan system I believe as it is sometimes used just to get a player away from the players a manager wants at his club. The demands are all on the first team winning and those on the fringes need time to develop as well if they are to reach their potential. Let's just hope that AFCB start the season with the right mix.

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Monday, 29 June 2015

AFCB spin the wheel with new shirt sponsors

I saw a bit of a mixed reaction to the news this evening that AFC Bournemouth would have a new shirt sponsor for the 2015-16 season. The Mansion Group is a bold and slightly controversial choice of sponsor for this club that tries to be family-orientated, but it is well known that online gaming companies are big investors in sport and the funds will be welcome in what is a competitive market. 

The Mansion Group will be sponsoring all three kits for AFCB as well as the training wear. So no matter who follows AFCB they are going to see Mansion Group very visibly whenever they see the team play or visit the club shop. I'm not sure if the club's trips to Las Vegas had something to do with their thinking but having been promoted from the SkyBet Championship it seems that football has a very close link with gambling whether we like it or not.  

What I did like about the training wear on show was a deep red which could well appear on next season's shirts if the club has continuity in its clothing lies and has to be careful about how it matches other colours against the Mansion Group logo colours.

The new deal brings to an end the previous deal of Energy Consulting which has been on the club shirts for the last three seasons. It is perhaps a sign that the Russian owners want to maximise the commercial prospects for the club by taking Energy Consulting off of the shirts and bringing in a new investor. There were no details about how much the sponsorship was worth but offsetting the costs involved of being in Premier League with larger wages and bigger transfer fees, I think we can see where the club is coming from.

Time will tell if the new partnership is a winner for the Cherries.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror is again pushing its view on who AFCB are chasing with Crystal Palace striker Glenn Murray touted as the latest transfer target for the Cherries. Meanwhile, the odds are shortening on Charlie Austin to come to AFCB. Josh McQuoid who was released by the Cherries in May is said to have joined Luton Town, according to Clarets Mad.