Wednesday, 6 May 2015

You can't reach the Premier League without investing

It is clear that clubs have to invest to make it to the Premier League and AFCB have had a helping hand with the financial backing of Maxim Demin. While the Daily Mail has reported that the Russian owner has stumped up around £25m in the form of loans the club was far from being a major spender in the Championship in the 2013-14 season. AFCB met the necessary Financial Fair Play regulations set for the Championship and a loss of £10m in the 2013-14 season will be swallowed up by the successes of the 2014-15 season, although further outlay will have been made in the second return season to the Championship. 
Dean Court has seen much improvement, but to reach the Premier League the club
needed to invest in players, training facilities and infrastructure to compete with the best teams.
Some will have seen Maxim's support as a gamble, but with the talent of Eddie Howe and his coaching staff and the quality of the players that are at AFCB it was more of a shrewd business decision to back a football club that was headed in the right direction. In the last season there has been player investment with Artur Boruc and Kenwyne Jones joining the club on loan and there have been wages to pay for last summer's free signings of Junior Stanislas and Dan Gosling. It has been sensible investment though and the sale of Lewis Grabban and funds from the Adam Lallana move from Southampton to Liverpool have to be noted as well for bringing finance into the club.

Moreover, Eddie Howe and Jeff Motsyn have reiterated how the club could not have got where they are now without the support of Maxim Demin. AFCB still has to operate according to its means and player recruitment we have already heard from Eddie Howe will not see him spending 'silly money', which is not his. It is now important as it always has been to bring the right players in for the right amount of money and the club has announced today that seven players are being released by the club - Ian Harte, Josh McQuoid, Benji Buchel, Joe Partington, Mohamed Coulibaly and Miles Addison, while Darryl Flahavan has asked to seek first team football elsewhere. 

Maxim Demin's financial support will not be forgotten by fans just as the club will not forget the fans that gave all they had to keep the club in business during the dark years. This is a new era and AFCB have the opportunity to secure the club's future. The wage bill is going to be bigger in the Premier League, but as long as the club structures its spending and keeps within its means I expect to see some additions in the next couple of months that will give AFCB every chance to fulfil its next dream of surviving and possibly thriving in the Premier League.

Finally, a big thanks to those players that are being released by the club who all made contributions to the team and all the best for the future.

Bring on the Premier League!

The Cherries have played sparkling football all season and the crowd that was assembled at The Valley last Saturday knew that they had seen the kind of performance from a team worthy of making an impression in the Premier League. Charlton did make one mistake in the game that clearly led to the second AFCB goal but in general the Addicks did not play that badly, they were just unable to stop the fluent style of this Cherries side that were carving their way through the Addicks in the first half and cruised towards the title in the second half.

The teams that AFCB will need to beat in the Premier League will be the smaller clubs but those smaller clubs are all much larger than the Cherries in terms of history, budgets and fan base. Eddie Howe was measured in his response about the challenge that he and his staff face in supplementing the side and preparing for the hardest season in the club's history. He didn't want to think about it and quite rightly so. There is plenty of time to get to work on the Premier League even though that is down to just 94 days away already, but Saturday was a day to enjoy the result and the title and AFCB know how to party.

Talking of parties, a few of my AFCB friends were lucky enough to go to the Awards Evening last Sunday and a good time was had by all. There were some extra awards given out on the night that you might not have heard about so I am going to list them here for you:

Goal of the season - Yann Kermorgant's overhead kick against Ipswich at Dean Court
Players Player of the season - Andrew Surman
PFA Awards Team of the Year Awards - Matt Ritchie and Simon Francis
Community Player of the Season - Marc Pugh
Development Squad Player of the Season - Harry Cornick
Youth team Player of the season - Joe Quigley
Unsung Hero - Neil Vacher AFCB club secretary and historian

Damien Hill kindly took a few photos of the night

The Championship Run-In discusses whether the Bees can join AFCB and Watford in the Premier League.

All Departments has released a special Champions podcast. You can listen to it by visiting the All Departments' website or by scrolling down the panel on Cherry Chimes to the All Departments' soundbar. 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Fans turnout in their thousands for AFCB Victory Parade

Like me you probably thought it was too good an opportunity to miss the AFCB team and the sight of the Championship trophy on a Bank Holiday Monday when all you had to do was make your way to the beach. For some of us that beach was further away than for others but having made it down to the south coast I first popped into the club store to see if they had some flags. Sadly not, all sold out over the weekend! Okay, but it was still worth being at Dean Court at 9.30 as Artur Boruc came into view and signed my copy of the Echo's Monday special Champions edition. Not a bad start to the day I thought. 
Yann celebrates with arms aloft.
Then it was off to the beach where I met some familiar faces including some of the stewards usually standing by the family stand and a three or four fans who usually sit nearby in the Family stand who picked me out pretty quickly despite my red wig disguise!
Crowds assemble at Boscombe Pier approach. 
Robert, Stephen and myself had decided to walk down Sea Road and  head away from Boscombe Pier towards the Bournemouth Pier end along the sand, having been clobbered for a Premier League flag. It was reasonably busy at the Boscombe end at around 10am so we were pleased just to take photos of people and chat as we went along. It became a lot busier once we got to the lifts and had passed some zig-zags. Having written AFCB and Cherry Chimes in the sand we waited for the double bus carrying the players. We weren't quite expecting such a rush of people to come past at the same time as fans gathered with the bus as it moved along and it was like being taken away with the tide, but all a very joyous experience. Brett Pitman was quick to put out his thumb at the mention of his name and with Tommy Elphick happy to dangle the trophy over the front of the bus I thought I that silverware must be insured for a lot of money and I bet it has picked up a few dents and scratches. Meanwhile, Dan Gosling was hanging on off the side.
Brett Pitman gives me the thumbs up for my red wig.
Jeff thinks our red hair is very amusing.
We're Premier League!

We managed to get ahead of the bus again to get some more pictures before it came to a stop and the speeches could begin, at least if the mic would work. Eddie Howe was able to look out on thousands of fans but was stopped mid-flow. Eddie Howe tried his best to remember all the team names. Each player got aloud cheer including Cherry Bear. There was a special interview carried out by Sky presenter Bianca Westwood who asked Tommy Elphick to join her.While the mic was playing up a bit, Tommy was ready to step in when it went array with a "Championi!"  

Tommy gets the crowd going.

Nothing to fear about the Premier League.

Jeff thanks everyone.
The only person who perhaps did not get the biggest of welcomes was Mayor and Southampton supporter Chris Mayne, but Jeff Mostyn had a new rock star look and a few perfect words for him including asking him to pick up the tab for all this. The turnout was expected to be about 20,000 according to BBC Radio Solent from their morning broadcast. I had expected more like 40,000 pairs of feet, but listening to the news later in the day figures of 50-60,000 people were being bandied about. Everyone just wanted to say "thank you to the Cherries!"

All I know is that it was a sea of Red and Black and if it had ended with every getting a touch of the silver jug, you know people would have formed an orderly queue. One lucky fan did get his clutches on the trophy and I am sure it made his day. Many though will have been just glad to catch a glimpse of their favourite player and of course Eddie Howe on the big screen. If you did not take a camera and did not get to see much I have put some pictures up on Match Day Gallery.

My friend Michael Dunne and fellow AFCB fan as well as the All Departments and Matchday Analyst chats with some Americans on the Soccertes' podcast (this is also on Cherry Cimes sidebar to listen to) about AFCB's successful season. You'll hear Michael after about 15.30 minutes of the podcast.

Monday, 4 May 2015

The crowning of Champions - AFCB have been top of the class

It was the kind of day that will stay with AFCB fans for the rest of their days. The Cherries being crowned as Champions at The Valley was just the perfect end to the season for not only the 4000+ supporters that travelled up to witness the events in person, but back in Dorset I imagine there were many families who were listening to events as they unfolded and could not quite believe that the last moments of the season would have one final twist with Watford conceding a late goal to hand the title over to the Cherries.

The anticipation from the AFCB squad players was great to see.

The AFCB players were certainly prepared to celebrate as soon as the final whistle went. Eddie Howe and JT were standing on the edge of the dugout being surrounded by the eager faces of Ryan Fraser, Brett Pitman, Ryan Allsop and Elliott Ward and backroom staff. Yann Kermorgant is also seen urging the team on in the final minutes. The squad members couldn't wait to dash on to the pitch and when the whistle did go it was a frantic dash to reach the players and embrace them for their terrific achievement. I was also trying to look at the faces around me and the sheer excitement and pleasure on those etched faces was a joy to see.

It probably would not have been a big deal to the club in the long run if the team had finished second, but going into the game against Charlton I felt the pressure was all on Watford and their game while the Cherries could hit top gear at The Valley. Now having won the title you feel that AFCB's players were overjoyed and elated with the way things had turned out. Seeing the scores on the big screen at half time and even later into the game with everything still in Watford's favour could have made AFCB's players sink a bit, but they didn't slow down at all. The timing of the third goal and the news coming from Watford as well just seconds afterwards was such an eruption of spontaneous celebration on the stands that the players had to know that they would be champions at that moment. 

Seeing the platform being built and then Jeff Mostyn bringing the trophy out to go on the stand was a period during Saturday afternoon that will stay with me forever. I was thinking don't trip up now Jeff! I should have known that the cup was in safe hands and the handing out of the medals was just a blaze of photographs and singing that will long stay in the memory. Tommy Elphick was at the centre of everything - giving it to the fans big time! Yann Kermorgant was stuck like glue to the trophy and was with his children I imagine getting the family photo just right. It was certainly a special day for Yann, Simon Francis and Harry Arter with winning the title at The Valley. I also liked the selfies from Elliott Ward and Adam Smith, as well as Callum Wilson who looked to get the AFCB fans in on their big days and I guess it underlines how important us fans really are to this team as they were so keen to enjoy the moment with us and making us feel a big part of it all.

The medal ceremony and lifting of the trophy. 

Eddie Howe walks around with the trophy.

Then there was Eddie Howe who had a special photo shoot with Jeff Mostyn before carrying around the trophy again to show the fans and to let us enjoy the celebrations with him. The hairs were up on the back of my neck and I was just so pleased for Eddie smiling and enjoying the moment after all his and JT's work. Yes, I thought your CV looks more like it should now with not only a few promotions but a title as well. He's more than a bit special. He's our hero and if ever anyone in the town deserved the key's to Bournemouth it is surely Eddie Howe. 

The team make sure everyone sees the Trophy
 having already shown the Jimmy Seed stand.

The Championship Run-In features an update - The Rams and Wolves miss out on the play-offs.

I hope to see some of you at the Open Bus Tour today. Get yourselves down to the Piers - I'll be taking lots of photos!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

The moment when Sheffield Wednesday made AFCB's day

I was busy writing my match notes at The Valley, being pressed by people on either side of me and  watching the game intently being played out in front of me while I had one ear listening to the radio with an ear-bud that suddenly burst out something that I could not quite take in. "What was that?" "Some thing's happened -Shhssh, Shhssh," I said. "Wednesday have scored! Wednesday have scored! We're going to be champions!"

The faces around me all asked question - "what was that?" 

"Look at the West stand," I said. The AFCB fans were rocking, the whole stand was jumping up and down. It was true Wednesday had scored at the death at Vicarage Road and had virtually swiped the title away from Watford and given it back to Bournemouth with only minutes of our game left to play against Charlton in which we had just gone 0-3 up!

There's a sudden excitement in the ground - 
something has happened at Vicarage Road.

It wasn't quite how I had written the script a few weeks ago when I had been asked by Reading's Tilehurst blog how I saw the final day of the season panning out, but the outcome was the same. Callum Wilson had scored on the final day but I had not expected a 0-3 scoreline and yet I had put some funds on Matt Ritchie to score the first and for Watford to draw and even for the Cherries to land the title from as early as last November. It might have been misplaced hope but it didn't turn out to be at all misplaced as the Cherries were undoubtedly the very best team in the 2014-15 Championship and the exact moment of Sheffield Wednesday scoring was brilliant - I'll cherish that!

Earlier we had seen some nervousness from AFCB fans with plenty of banter with the Charlton fans as a few AFCB supporters were evacuated from the home stands having been revealed to have bought tickets in the Charlton end. They probably found it a bit hard to keep their celebrations low key when the Cherries had been so dominant in the game. The AFCB fans had also been chanting: "Wednesday, Wednesday - always mid-week!" at their frustration that the owls were not doing their part in taking points off of the Hornets, but in the final minutes it was clear that AFCB fans could party before the final whistle knowing that the Cherries were about to receive some silverware in front of them.

Apologies for any foul language, I get a bit jogged
at the final whistle but I was hardly surprised and just kept the camera rolling anyway.

Champion Cherries - and now will you believe us! Charlton 0-3 AFCB

Match Report
Charlton 0 v 3 AFCB
2 May 2015
Attendance: 21,280
Bournemouth players celebrate their title.
Words can't possibly do justice to the scenes that I and many other AFCB fans saw at The Valley after the match against Charlton Athletic. It was beyond the wildest of dreams for AFCB to finish champions and with Sheffield Wednesday falling behind at Watford the contest at Charlton was not looking like it would matter that much in the long run. That didn't stop Matt Ritchie from stunning the him crowd on 10 minutes when he put the Cherries ahead with another sweet, low, curling strike that beat Stephen Henderson in the bottom corner of the goal and when two minutes later, Harry Arter leaped on a mix up at the back he powered the Cherries into a 0-2 lead and the balloons and fans in fancy dress were bouncing! Charlton put up better resistance in the second half but some of the passing and control that the Cherries displayed was just beautiful to watch and after Ritchie had hit the bar with a deflected shot he had the final say with another goal that sent the AFCB fans mental. The joy was not only for the third goal but because Atdhe Nuhiu had scored in the 90 minute at Vicarage road for Sheffield Wednesday. The title was now with AFCB and after a 46 game season it is now part of history - AFC Bournemouth are Champions and the best team in the division. It's the Premier League next season all right.
Team sheets on the big board at The Valley.
It was a colourful day with both teams lighting up the pitch.
Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall looking on from the sidelines.
Eddie Howe made one change to the team with Simon Francis replacing Adam Smith at right back. We settled down to the left of the goal in the South End and waited for the action to begin.

Tim Aston and family before the match gives his 
views on the team and how the day might go.

The atmosphere was bouncing!
More pictures can be viewed on Match Day Gallery.

First Half
As usual it was AFCB who made a fast start and an early foul on Yann Kermorgant gave him the chance to take aim from 25 yards but he crashed his shot against the Charlton wall. Harry Arter was directing play and while he lost out to Yoni Buyens, Frederic Bulot soon lost possession and Cook and Kermorgant got AFCB going forward playing in Wilson who had Stephen Henderson forced to make a save low to his left at the near post. Yann Kermorgant had a shot from the resulting corner but it went wide.

Charlton's early threat came from Bulot on the left who linked well with Ivor Vetokele, but Tommy Elphick was in quick to break any moves up.Pugh was next to have a drive that went over, but AFCB were playing well and looking to pin Charlton back. Charlton were already resulting to the odd long ball with Yoni Buyens playing the ball up to Tony Watt, but Morgan Fox wasted the chance by firing over.

AFCB's first goal came on 10 minutes when Francis and Ritchie started a move that then involved Cook and Daniels before Pugh took the ball forward and found Kermorgant slipped in Matt Ritchie on the right of the box and Ritchie's shot was smoothly struck around the on coming defender and found its way past Henderson and in off the far post to give the Cherries the lead!

We hardly had time to celebrate as Charlton had a throw on their right in their own half and yet Yoni Buyens completely messed up, sleeping his way to a pass, and gifting Arter with the opportunity to step in and head towards goal which he did in his direct style and shot from around the D with Henderson unable to keep the low shot from hitting the back of the net 0-2!

Charlton were angry with themselves, but AFCB were out for a stroll and even the fans were singing: "Easy, easy!" The quality of Champions was on display. Charlton started to get more on the ball through Tony Watt. Just after 18 minutes he made a great run down the right and put in a low cross that evaded everyone in the box including a late outstretched leg fro Igor Vetokele.

At the other end Callum Wilson was getting closer and was stretching the Charlton defence. When he won a corner, Yann Kermorgant leaped highest but headed over. By this time AFCB fans in the south stand were not getting a lot of banter with Charlton fans so asked fans in the west stand to give the a song which they duly did - "We're Premier League!" they cried which was well received.

Wilson came close again on 22 minutes when Pugh and Wilson created an opening but Roger Johnson deflected the shot over. Even Francis fancied his luck and tried a long distance effort from the corner that just scraped wide of the left post. It wasn't much later that the AFCB fans had heard that Matej Vydra had put Watford one up at Vicarage Road, but it didn't dampen the atmosphere that much.

Wilson was causing all kind of problems and won a free kick for being pulled back by his shirt. It was Ritchie's turn to strike a shot that hit the wall. AFCB were still pressing though and Wilson kept shooting with another deflected shot for a corner. Watford were playing on the break but Johann Berg Gudmundsson was no match for Pugh chasing back although the Bournemouth winger pulled up with an injury and received some attention. Boruc did have to make a save on 33 minutes when Bulot hit a low shot but it was easy for Boruc to hold on to in the middle of the goal.

Harry Arter was being more positive and saw his shot charged down. Meanwhile Igor Vetokele was looking injured. Indeed he was subbed for Simon Church. watt looked Charlton's best play up to this point but even he was having to defend more than he might have wanted. Alou Diarra's methods of stopping Yann Kermorgant received a yellow card but I guess it was effective in stopping AFCB's march towards goal on that occasion. Four minutes of extra time saw an Andrew Surman effort go over and the score was 0-2 at half time, much to the delight of AFCB fans.

AFCB are totally in control of this game and 0-2 was a comfortable lead.

It was a pity that Watford were winning, but it was only a
goal lead and the fans had hope that Sheffield Wednesday
might still be able to get a goal.
Second Half
Charlton had obviously been given the come on by Guy Luzon at half time and they came out with a lot more steel in their play. Yann Kermorgant was still looking to chip Wilson in through and Ritchie had the first shot of this second half that was blocked by Morgan Fox. Bulot was next to see a shot blocked before Diarra had a header go wide. AFCB possession was still strong and while Wilson tripped Johnson over, Matt Ritchie was the one getting the speaking to by the ref as he had clearly disagreed with the decision. I love the way Ritchie then stands with his hands behind his back and receives his ticking off not wanting to offend further.

The incident made Ritchie just as determined as ever to influence the game and he was found by a long ball from Steve Cook on the right before he moved inwards and crashed a shot against the bar! That was on 59 minutes. Watt also had a good turn and shot at the other end but his effort was deflected over.

A strong break by Harry Arter could have wrapped the game up then when he hammered down the middle of the pitch with Pugh on his left who he totally ignored and instead chose to shoot but wide from 20 yards out. It was a wasted chance to play Pugh in.

AFCB brought on Dan Gosling for Arter on 61 minutes. A race between Henderson and Pugh saw the keeper get there first to a chip from Ritchie, but in the main AFCB were playing keep ball now. Surman was at the heart of moves and had a shot blocked after a great session of passes.

The Cherries took Pugh off and brought on Adam Smith to allow Ritchie to move over to the left wing. Charlton then made two subs on 69 minutes with Diarra replaced by Joseph Gomes and Chris Eagles came on for Bulot. Not long after Tony Watt was seen hobbling and Charlton played the game out with 10 men.

Charlie Daniels had come forward to take advantage of some space and he nearly added his name to the score sheet but hit his volleyed shot into the ground and just despairingly wide of the right post with the keeper beaten!

Kermorgant was subbed after 82 minutes and Kenwyne Jones replaced him. Smith was really the engine room of AFCB by now and when he kept coming down the right wing, Charlton struggled to keep him out. In the end one of these runs saw Dan Gosling then have a shot blocked before Ritchie went one better with a blocked shot at first, before picking up the ball again in the box and blasted in his second goal past Henderson from 12 yards in the bottom right corner! While the celebrations were in full swing the noise from the West stand suddenly went up by 10 notches or more. They were going berserk and my radio told me why - Atdhe Nuhiu had equalised for Sheffield Wednesday - it was 1-1 at Vicarage Road. They were in the 90th minute while time was also running out at The Valley.

I don't remember much of the next three of four minutes as there was only one thing to do and that was to go mental. AFCB were going to be Champions and the players knew it too. The whistle had gone at Vicarage Road - Watford had clown it at 1-1. Now it was just a delight to see AFCB players with the ball in the knowledge that the title would be theirs. I did see Gudmundson have a good chance go over, but frankly who cared? AFCB were about to lift the trophy for the Championship and we were about to see it with our very own eyes played out before us. What a day!

You could not have wished for a more dramatic and exciting day as an AFCB fan. It probably made great TV viewing in real time with Watford seeing their title dream taken away from them right in the last minutes of the season. While that may seem harsh, I did feel that AFCB were the best team in the league and were fully deserving of the title over the season for the amount of days they had been top and with all the goals they had scored. It just seemed the perfect end to the day and the partying could start for the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend and beyond!
Pugh is in no doubt that he will be playing Premier League
football next season along with the Cherries.
Tommy Elphick celebrates with the fans and Shaun MacDonald looking on.
Another big away win for the Cherries.
Massive cheers were heard when this sign came out.
Jeff can't hide how happy he is to be bringing the SkyBet Championship trophy out on to the stand.
Party time for the boys!
Eddie can celebrate on a great achievement and a magnificent season.
Eddie Howe is surrounded by photographers. 
More pictures are on the Match Day Gallery.

Boruc, Francis, Elphick, Cook, Daniels, Ritchie, Arter (Gosling 61), Surman, Pugh (Smith 69), Kermorgant (Jones 82), Wilson

Gosling, Pitman, Smith, Fraser, Ward, Allsop, Jones

AFCB Player Ratings
Boruc 6, Francis 7, Elphick 9, Cook 8, Daniels 8, Ritchie 10, Arter 8, Surman 8, Pugh 7, Kermorgant 7, Wilson 8

Henderson, Solly, Ben Haim, Johnson, Fox, Berg Gudmundsson, Diarra (Gomez 69), Buyens, Bulot (Eagles 69), Vetokele (Church 39), Watt

Charlton Subs
Gomez, Bikey Amougou, Eagles, Wiggins, Church, Lennon, Etheridge

Referee rating: Neil Swarbrick 8/10
Next stop - Premier league 8 August 2015.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

What are Charlton's strengths?

Charlton may be feeling like a bridesmaid left standing at the altar when AFCB come to play them today. It's not always fun to be at a party when you are not the centre of attention, but the Addicks have had a reasonable season despite having made a managerial change. Watford fans may say that they should have changed manager a few more times, but sitting in the top half of the table Charlton have certainly improved from last season and they will not want to come second best to Bournemouth at The Valley on Saturday.
What final day dramas will we see at The Valley?
Their strike force may not have scored the number of goals that the Cherries have but in Johann Berg Gudmundsson and Igor Vetokele they now have forwards that have played a season in the Championship and they are likely to be stronger for the experience next season. They both have 11 goals and Gudmundsson I hear has been perhaps the pick of the Charlton players this season. Chris Eagles is also a payer who can get on the score sheet but only came to the club on a free transfer in February having been at Blackpool - Eddie Howe will know all about the wide man from his days at Burnley.

Charlton have also defended well though and it is good to see that Stephen Henderson is getting regular games for them in goal. At the back they also have the Cameroon international Andre Bikey who is a season campaigner having played for Middlesbrough, Reading and Burnley in the past and he is now 30. Ben Haim an Israeli international also adds experience to the Addicks' midfield. Their season though has been a case of drawing too many games. Their draws are up to 18 now and if they had won eight of those games they would have been banging on the door of the play-offs.

So it has not been a totally bad season for the Addicks, but I get the feeling that they are looking forward more to 2015/16 from what CEO Katrien Maire had to say on their website about a preview before the AFCB game: "We will also be revealing our new home kit before the game and I hope that is one of many reasons why fans will already be looking forward to 2015/16."

Well hopefully Charlton fans don't have much more to look forward to on Saturday's display from their team than that. AFCB have to do their job which is to try and win the game. They may find a draw is also a good enough result to win the trophy. I'd like to see Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall pick up the Championship title more because of what happened a couple of seasons ago with Doncaster. The important thing is that the Cherries are up, but it would make the open bus tour a lot more special with a Championship winning trophy to hold up high.

I'd like to ask a favour from Sheffield Wednesday as well if I could - a clean sheet for you today please! It's not too much to ask for is it?
Let's not give AFCB a bad name. Allow Charlton to celebrate
their team on the last day of the season.
Finally, like AFCB I would like to repeat that while I Hope everyone has fun on the final day of the season, please behave and respect Charlton Athletic and keep off the pitch!! The presentations that follow the game should be great to see but for Eddie and JT and the players please keep off the grass. We don't want anyone spoiling the reputaton of our great club, especially with global TV viewing of the pictures from The Valley. Let Charlton enjoy their last home game and respect their fans who will help make it a special day at the Valley. 

Charlton Home Form

AFCB Away Form